changing plans

Originally, Sam wanted to do an outside date this weekend. Then dreary, cold, Saturday happened. So he decided it was best to keep me happy and warm and we did a lot of fun things inside! I realize that the picture indicates otherwise, but a few minutes outside was far preferable to a few hours as per the original plans.

dinner & dessert. mod's 
activity. Aphrodite and the gods of love exhibit at Philbrook
I've recently discovered crepes. Not just for dessert, Mod's fills theirs with chicken, turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, and any other fantastic "savory" thing you can think of. Highly satisfying (and cost effective). 
Even though I don't like sweet things usually, gelato is one of my all time favorite desserts. I always get stracciatella (italian vanilla). But I like to pair it with something creamy, like chocolate. This time I got the pistachio as well. It was one of the best things I have ever eaten.
Before we went on the rest of our date, we visited Sam's new office! He starts at Cyntergy on Monday, and we took a sneak peek at the lobby.
NPR always lets us know when there's a new exhibit at the Gilcrease or Philbrook that we need to catch. This particular collection really appealed to my 6+ years of Latin, which comes in useful about every two years. Or at least I bore people with some Latin fact or etymology basically every two years. 

All joking aside, the exhibit really was an interesting look at Greek/Roman mythology, specifically focusing on Aphrodite. One of the only exhibits throughout which I've ever read every plaque. Also any museum exhibit with parental warnings is worth checking out.

Despite the chill, we walked around the grounds for a while. Philbrook used to be the family home of the Phillips, legendary Tulsa oil mavens. Today, it's a museum and as spectacular as the art is on the inside, the gardens are what everyone comes to see. On this particular day, a wedding was being set up for that evening. In addition to kicking myself for not even thinking of getting married here, I could not stop staring at the beautiful set up. I almost volunteered to help the florist. chambray. j.crew necklace. bauble bar shoes. similar here. shirt. similar here pants. j.crew shoes. toms 
This may seem like a posed shot, but I really was mesmerized by this fountain. If I ever grow filthy rich, please, can I have a huge fountain at my estate? 
We ended the night at The Rusty Crane with my parents. Look for us to visit this restaurant on a date because it was awesome. Great branding, delicious food, and I had a drink that tasted like a cactus. Really. 

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