This week was crazy busy. We moved into our new house, I got sick and had to miss school, and we hosted community group at our new house on Thursday. Needless to say, even though we went on an amazing date last weekend, I never got around to posting it. But here it is. 

activities. the color runcoffee, and hanging out at the guthrie green
dinner. hey mambo
Our Saturday morning started off much different than it usually does. We ran in the Color Run! It is just a 5K, but it was the first race that either of us had run. It was one of the most fun things that we have done as a couple. Runners are supposed to wear white, and as the race progresses volunteers throw powdered paint on the runners, hence the name, Color Run. It reminded me so much of Holi, the spring festival in India.
photo via Aaron Stephenson
It was certainly a different experience for me. I grew up in Austin, where every run shuts down the city and causes no end of frustration for us non-fitness-o-philes. However, the Color Run was more party than exercise and really proved to be totally worth it!
After finally getting all the paint out of our hair, we had an afternoon date. We got coffee at the phoenix, our new favorite coffee house. We then headed downtown to spend a little quiet time at guthrie green, a park in the middle of the Brady Arts District of Tulsa. We were surprised to discover that a concert was happening at the park, but it made the trip that much better.
shorts. j.crew
shirt. similar here
belt. similar here
shirt. j.crew
Local businesses and downtown interests are really trying to revitalize the Brady district and surrounding areas. We're starting to reach critical mass, what with OneOK Field, home to the Tulsa Drillers, several great concert venues, new coffee shops, and great public spaces. It's exciting to see the city moving in a fun new direction. One of the problems with studying abroad in Italy is that I began to be really picky about eating Italian food. There are a few places in Tulsa that I think makes real Italian style quality food. Hey mambo is one of them. Order the arrabbiata (I know I always tell you to do that, but it's that good).   Jordan tells me that carbonara is a Roman specialty. I like it because it's got bacon in it. Not exactly the healthiest thing you can order, but hey, we were carb loading retroactively.  

Check out the color run next year, it's worth it. For those of you in and around the Tulsa area, what's your favorite new (or new to you) thing that's been popping up around downtown? 

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