tea room

We went on a Saturday afternoon date this time. It was relaxed but included lots of our favorite things!

lunch. big al's

One of my very favorite places to eat lunch in Tulsa is at the corner of 15th and Harvard. Big Al's is technically a healthy food place but it's so much more than that. Almost every sandwich comes in different forms: wraps, pitas, and paninis. Yum.

It's a very non descript place but worth venturing to.
Sometimes you need to go with something simple. Every date doesn't have to be super fancy!

Sam got the tuscan turkey panini and I got the avocado delight pita, size small. Avocados are one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

After lunch we went to the cutest tea room, Dragonmoon Tea Co. It has nothing to do with China, although I thought so for the longest time because of the dragon reference.
The people who own and operate this place understand and adore tea. I like wine, but sometimes the descriptions say that it has "hints of oak" or "overtones of blackberry" but I can never really taste it. With tea, if they say it's "chocolatey," you can taste it, but moreover, you can smell it. Tea smells really good. 

It's in a super cute old house that has been redone. Today, it's a quaint spot for an afternoon tea. Someday we will take some friends and have high tea (tea, sandwiches, soup, dessert). It seems like it would be so much fun.

I got a scone, but I should have gotten the chocolate thing Jordan ordered. It was delightful and rich. 

Ginger Scone + clotted cream.
Still not sure what is so clotted about the cream. 

The BEST baked chocolate pudding. They change desserts daily but if you like them on facebook, they'll post when they are serving this. If you see it, go order it immediately.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing guitar, ukulele, and singing songs we like. We recorded some on our new computer but weren't quite brave enough to post them online. It was really fun though because Jordan never used to sing in front of me, but she's starting to! Oh, and below are our pensive album art photos. 

shirt. gap watch. timex weekender pants. j.crew similar here
socks. gap shoes. johnston and murphy

I fell in love with the pear sweater around December. They put it on sale recently and I immediately snatched it up! I've worn it way too many times since that day.

oxford. similar here sweater. j.crew shoes. similar here.

Go drink some tea. Maybe we'll get some snow :)

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