I spent the majority of this week in transit to and from Chon Buri, Thailand for a customer meeting. I asked Jordan if she wanted to plan the date because I would be gone all week and she agreed. I came back to a beautiful wife and a super fun date, all planned out!
I was more than a little nervous about planning our date. I learned that it's much easier to pick out an outfit for a date than to organize the entire thing. This experience made me so proud of my husband for doing this every week.


If you have been on pinterest lately you've probably seen the food passport. I think about ten people pinned it before I took the time to look at it. It is genius.

step one: choose restaurants in your city
step two: fill a notebook with the names and addresses of the restaurants
step three: begin your adventure

I knew that this food passport could be incredibly useful to help us choose restaurants for dates. The girl over at Spotted Fox who came up with it used 52 different places so as to fill up the whole year. We probably won't use it like that, but it is a great way to organize the restaurants we want to visit. It's full of local Tulsa places we know and love but I also included restaurants we've been meaning to try.
So the food passport led us to the vault. 

dinner. the vault activity. dessert picnic with chocolate covered strawberries and prosecco

I had actually heard of this place before from a co-worker but I didn't really know what to expect. The restaurant looks like a converted section of parking garage, but on the inside the retro 50's feel and up-scale dining is anything but utilitarian. The waiters all wear throwback garb and the food is delicious.
Crab Stuffed Avocados for our appetizer. SO GOOD.

I generally don't hold with sliders (who wants 3-4 mini meals instead of 1 normal meal?) but these little burgers were fantastic. Served "chef's choice" on pretzel buns, they were just what I needed after a week of Thai food and airplane "dinners." The homemade chips were great too. The pickle spear is always reserved for Jordan, no matter whose plate it's on.
I got the vault pasta. Spinach, parmesan, sausage, eggplant. I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it. Good thing I brought home leftovers.
chambray shirt. j.crew dress. similar here shoes. steve madden
shirt. similar here cardigan. gap pants. j.crew
Originally I wanted to have a fun picnic after dinner while watching the comet pan-STARRS, but sadly it was cloudy last night. But we still had a ton of fun setting up a little dessert picnic on the back porch of our house. It's the first time we've ever used the porch.
My wife is nerdy enough to know about naked-eye visible comets. She's awesome. 

    The wall isn't really that big, it's just that Jordan is really small. I'm proud of this shot, I think I'm getting a little bit better at photography. But when you have such a pretty subject it's not that difficult, I guess. 
The date went pretty well I think. I'm just glad I don't have to plan one again for a long time. 

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