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We both graduated from the University of Tulsa. I still maintain that it is the greatest place on earth. This year, the city of Tulsa got to host the Conference USA basketball tournament and on Friday night TU was playing in the semi finals. 

dinner. white owl activity. TU basketball game

Two of our good friends, John and Katie, just got engaged a few weeks ago. They were gracious enough to go on a double date with us. Since John is the current TU Student Association president and Katie is the potential future of that position, a TU basketball game seemed like the perfect venue for our date.
They are seriously THE cutest. They may love TU more than we do. Maybe.

Although the game didn't end up quite the way we hoped it would, it was a really great change of pace from our usual dates. We even had popcorn and nachos as a pre meal snack!

After the game we went to White Owl Pub for dinner. I had it in my food passport and had been wanting to try it for the longest time. We were not disappointed. The restaurant is way larger than I expected too. There's even an upstairs!
Chicken tacos. I love street style tacos so much.
This burger quickly became one of my favorites in Tulsa. Bleu cheese for no extra cost? You can't beat that. 

 I was slightly jealous of John and Katie's mac and cheese though. This was our first time at White Owl and I'm sure there will be a next time. This mac and cheese demands it. 
I had to wear blue because of the game, but these pants are practically glued to my body anyway. Most comfortable colored jeans in the world. 

pants. j.crew shirt. thrifted j.crew  sandals. steve madden
shirt. similar here pants. j.crew
There are wildflowers blooming in our backyard. Sunshine and flowers make everything better.

Over all I think it was definitely a successful double date, but you'll have to ask John and Katie for the unbiased opinion. Jordan and I sure had fun! 

We're going to try something different this blog post: tell us about your favorite double date spots or activities in our comments section! We would love some new ideas!

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