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The end of spring break was rainy and cold. But when you love coffee shops, those are the best days. We made the most of our Saturday afternoon by visiting one of our favorites and discussing couches, end tables, and where to put a gallery wall.

activity. coffee at topeca and sketching out our new home
dinner. elote
Our besties, Alex and Mary are moving to Italy to be missionaries. When we knew that they would be moving out of their precious house right around the time we wanted to be out of ours, the timing seemed perfect. It was. Next month we are moving into a new home! We are so excited about the fully updated house with everything we've dreamed of (read: laundry inside the house). Sam had the greatest idea to sketch out what what we want it to look like when we get in there.

I thought for a moment when I was young that I wanted to be an architect, but realized later that I loved the finer points of math and science too much, and engineering won out. However, I like sketching out house plans as much as the next guy. So I grabbed a straight edge and my HB pencil and went to work. 
By the end of our time there, I was feeling so much more excited about moving. It's so nice to have a plan. The delicious cappuccino didn't hurt either. 
I discovered sweaters over dresses way too late in the game. So easy and comfy. 
dress. similar here sweater. target scarf. similar here
I keep thinking Jordan is getting all these new skirts. The joke's on me though, she's just doing some creative layering. Clever wife. 
pants. gap hoodie. gap shoes. toms
Our most frequent staple in downtown is Elote. It's a free-range, earth-friendly, organic, feel-good-about-yourself-and-about-the-salsa kind of place. Wednesday night is their $2 puffy taco night. Go grab a few of those for a mid-week treat. 
 I highly recommend the fried avocado tacos. They are amazing. But the absolute best part of Elote is the salsa. My favorite that I've ever had.
 I went with the special. But to be honest, my favorite thing at Elote is their sweet potatoes. Perfectly cooked--just on the border of crunchy and soft. 
Turns out we had one of our friends wait on us! It was the best, especially when her other two tables were the owners of the restaurant and Zac Hanson. We felt like we must have been important too. 
We are trying out new poses because if we're going to be putting up a blog post every week, you (the readers) are going to get bored of looking at us if we don't do something more interesting. Pose suggestions, however comical, are appreciated (comment below!).

Here's hoping the first days of spring find you and yours happy and healthy! 

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