the waterfront

Sam is from Austin. One of the coolest things about Austin is its abundance of activities involving water. My personal favorite is what natives call Town Lake. It's essentially just a river, but the kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and trails along its banks make it one of the more happening places in the city.

Tulsa's got something similar, though Mayor Bartlett is working on increasing the water to sand ratio. It's still a really pretty place to take a walk or bike ride all the way down Riverside. 
dinner. andolini's
activity. walking along the Arkansas River and sipping pineapple drinks

Andolini's is ranked #1 on tripadvisor for good reason. Our recommendation is to go with a smaller pizza and start out with some garlic knots. These are wonderfully buttery, warm knots of dough with plenty of garlic. So good that we couldn't wait to take a picture before we devoured them. Oops. Stomach trumps blog, every time. 
shirt. similar here
shorts. gap
I wore this outfit because of two friends named Katie. The first told me that she loved my skirt and that I should wear it on our date. The second told me that she didn't know if she liked stripes and patterns together. So this is me showing her you can do it. It may not be in style, but no one said anything about it. Which to me means it must work.

shirt. gap
skirt. macy's
belt. similar here
      Tulsa has lots of longboarders. These particular 'boarders are being dragged by large dogs. I don't recommend this. My siblings and I once tried to have our dog walk us. Rollerblades and giant, somewhat aggressive black mutts don't mix well.
We sat by the river awhile and watched the sun go down. It was worth the wait. 
Jordan recently procured and repainted a vintage bar cart, so we've been slowly building up our supplies. The day offered just a little taste of summer, so pineapple vodka mixed drinks were on the menu. 
Sometimes it's nice to just sit and watch a sunset. I recommend it.

Oh and one more thing... HAPPY OPENING DAY!

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