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Our date this weekend was pretty laid back. Sam has to fly around the world this week so a chill date was just what we needed.

breakfast. dilly deli

One of our very favorite places in Tulsa is Red Rock Canyon. If you have been reading this blog you probably noticed we aren't usually fans of chain restaurants. Although they have their place, we generally like unique locations. Red Rock Canyon is one of the exceptions. All of their food is super fresh and the atmosphere is fancy without being stuffy. When you go, splurge on an appetizer and get the calamari (it's better than ANY calamari we've ever had). And don't even look at the rest of the menu, ORDER THE ENCHILADAS. I couldn't get a picture that did them justice, but trust us. They are incredible.
Like we said, it was laid back this week. After dinner we went to a grocery store and grabbed some delicious popcorn and root beer. I had never made this kind of popcorn before but it was really fun. Put some special seasoning on it, and it's better than the movies!
I used to buy this stuff in bulk with Stead Bucks (fake University of Tulsa scholarship money). Now we have to pay real money. What's that all about?
striped shirt. j.crew flannel. similar here jeans. levi's

In our last post, I laid out a multi-faceted date plan that was just an example of what you can do on dates. But Jordan liked the idea of warming up blankets so much that I thought it might be a good idea to actually use that plan! 
It was so fun to snuggle up on the couch and introduce Sam to one of the greatest movies ever made.
via feast your eyes
I had never seen Ferris Beuller's Day Off all the way through. It may be the most inspiring movie I have ever seen. Warming our blankets was a fleeting pleasure, but it's also a cheap way to make your movie watching special!
Every time I wear these pants, my students make fun of me. One day bright pink pants will be mainstream. Here's hoping it's soon. Our waiter said it was the first time he'd seen someone wear pink pants in the restaurant.

shirt. similar here pants.j.crew cardigan.banana republic shoes. ann taylor loft
The next morning we went to Dilly Deli for breakfast. Since we hardly ever go out for breakfast I thought we should share this Tulsa treasure. It's called a deli but it's much more. It has everything you could need: mismatched chairs, a bocce ball court, a cereal bar, and cinnamon rolls the size of your head. Literally. And the breakfast tacos are great too. 
Cream cheese icing makes this meal. Even if you are a large man, you'll need to enlist a friend to eat the whole thing. 
Enjoy your week! Next week I'm planning the date. Feel free to send ideas my way! 

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