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I haven't really been holding up my end of this blog. Jordan has been doing basically all the work. So I finally decided I'd contribute in a more meaningful way. 

A friend at work asked me a good question. I don't think he really wanted an answer, but it got me thinking. He asked me, "What counts as a date?" Now that's an awesome question. Every relationship counselor, pastor, or super old married couple would tell you that it's important to have a date night, especially even after you're married. So, since we are self-proclaimed Date Bloggers, I thought it would only be fitting to put forth a Dating Manifesto.  

There's a simple adjective that can be the lifeblood of a date. Special. What is special about your date-night/afternoon/morning/weekend? 

Interesting activities, sentimental locations, evidences you've been listening, or even straight up expense can all contribute to the specialness of your date. The core of your date should be that you consider your beau or belle important enough to set apart dedicated time to him or her. 

"Plan It" 
Now I'm talking to you, men. Your girl needs to know you think about her. A lot. You can prove this in lots of ways, but what will really pack an emotional punch is if she knows that when you pick her up and take her out, you have a plan. This shows her the date is more than a duty or an expectation, but rather something you're really looking forward to throughout your week! 

So plan. Plan an elaborate date that goes all wrong (been there), plan a simple, relaxing date (we're there a lot), plan a spontaneous date (we'll never be fully there unless I have some personality altering brain trauma). She will not feel special/pretty/loved on your date if she knows you gave no thought to the event beforehand, but she will feel extremely loved if she knows you gave the date some meaningful musings beforehand. 

Jordan's helping me out with this post: 
I turn to her and ask, "What else does a date need to have, other than being special, and being planned?" 
Without hesitation she sheepishly responds, "Food...?" 

This can be negotiable, but if your love is as crazy for culinary concoctions as mine, food can form the epicenter of your date. It is never a bad idea to include a meal, or even a snack, in your date. Food is how humans bond, so don't leave that card un-played in your dates. That said, Jordan and I have always agreed, a date cannot be just a meal! 

Sometimes the more facets the better. It's a fun date idea to just try to see how many different distinct activities or elements you can fit into one date! Or maybe you've both had a long week and really need some down time--choose easy facets: 

Ex. (1) on your way home from dinner (see paragraph 7) pick up a glass bottle of each of your favorite type of soda*. (2) Once home, put on your PJ's, (3) pop popcorn, (4) put extra butter on your popcorn, (5) warm your blankets in the dryer, (6) put your favorite movie in, and enjoy. Make sure you are intentional about the facets of your date!

Ultimately, the goal is to learn about the kind soul who has graciously agreed to date you. You have no idea how many interesting thoughts, emotions, quirks, beliefs, and aspirations are tucked into the being of the man or woman sitting across the table from you. Ask questions. Ask really good questions. Remember what you find out. 

So there are your totally non-scientific requirements for what constitutes a date. In summary, it should be special, planned out, edible, multi-faceted, and educational. Get good at dating. You'll be glad you did.

*N.B. Sam would have chosen to use the word "coke" instead of "soda" here but Jordan insisted that would be confusing to our non-Texan readership.

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