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It feels like summer now. Not because of the weather, but because we spent two weekends in a row at the ballpark. This week was another double date with the adorable John and Katie. Recently engaged, the two are a joy to be around. 
dinner. joe momma's
after party. celebrating Katie's victory
Joe Momma's is one of a few really great options within walking distance of the ballpark. If you're heading out there, park behind McNellie's and try any of the really great places on Elgin (Joe Momma's, McNellies, El Guapo's, -coming soon- Albert G's). We were so into our pizza that we forgot to take pictures. Oops.
We sit on the lawn at every Driller's game. It's only 5 dollars, you can bring your own blanket and picnic basket full of food, and every once in awhile you may get close to catching a home run ball. This particular night was no different. We loaded up the cars with blankets and headed to the ballpark. However, on our way to the game, this sweet older couple stopped us and asked if we would like free tickets right behind home plate.
We ran into a few friends out taking pictures for their wedding, which is coming up really soon! Stay tuned this summer if you want to know more about them, or see their faces from less than 1/2 mile away--I'm sure a double date is in our future.
 good mascot is a real bonus at any minor league park. Hornsby (a large blue bull with a pot belly) is the Drillers furry ambassador. Sitting right over the dugout is just asking for him to be in your face all night though. Bear that in mind when selecting your seats!There's this thing called rally hats. They are used when your team is either losing or tied at the end of a game as an effort to rally them to a win. Basically it just means you wear your hat inside out. We didn't have hats on Friday but we did have free bags at each seat. So, rally sacks they were. And although we did not make it on the big screen for our creativity, the team did win with a walk off hit. So it was worth something.After staging a woeful campaign at the plate all Friday night, the Drillers came up with two big hits in the 8th and 9th innings to squeak by the San Antonio Missions. Whether its little league, high school, the minors or the majors, baseball never disappoints for entertainment. It's difficult to take pictures of our outfits on dates with other people. But I assure you, they were more functional than fashionable because of the temperature drop. Although I did wear my sparkly shoes, courtesy of Sam's sister Hallie. Just because we are at a game doesn't mean I can't be a little fancy.

We ended the night by toasting to Katie's accomplishments. Earlier that day, she won the Student Association's election to become the SA President in the 2013-2014 school year. The best part? Her fiance, John, is the current SA President, making them the first husband and wife to rule over the student body at TU. Love it.
Therefore, it was truly a star-studded double date: John and Katie--TU Student Association Presidents; Jordan and I--2011 TU Homecoming King and Queen. That's never leaving my resume. 

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