fall fashion essentials

Along with the rest of the summer-weary Northern Hemisphere, we are lovers of Fall. Fall brings football, crisp air, butternut squash, and my birthday. Everyone is obsessed with this season. I know this because I had my first pumpkin spice latte at the end of August. No joke. Starbucks pushed up the release date in select cities because people wanted the summer to just be over already. Tulsa was mercifully on that short list, saving Sam the din of my inevitable, incessant pining (Sam's words, not mine.)

Perhaps the best part of this time of year is the fashion. Layers become possible again when the temperature falls below 80 degrees. Getting dressed free of the worry of sweating through your clothes by mid-morning presents so many exciting opportunities. Here's our fall fashion lineup.

For you.
1. Puffer Vest. My parents recently got me a navy one and I cannot stop wearing it. There's something about keeping your midsection warm while leaving your extremities free and easy that feels so nice. Also this one is oxblood, the undisputed best Fall color.
2. Chambray Shirt. You need this for every season. Really. I have multiple chambray shirts and wear them at least three times a week.
3. Ankle Boots. I am currently searching for the perfect pair that's affordable. Target has a ton right now.
4. Black Jeans or Leggings. They go with everything and leggings have been proven to be the most comfortable article of clothing ever.
5. Tights. I love tights so much. My mom and I have tried tights from everywhere and anthropologie is always the winner. Their opaque colors are the best.
6. Novelty Sweater. My husband won't let me buy a sweater with jewels all over it (i.e. disputes the structural stability of the glue/textile relationship that makes such items possible), so I'm settling here for one with an animal. My pear one from last year is still a favorite.

For him.
1. Flannel shirts are warm and toasty. They also make you look like you're in Local Natives.
2. Facial hair, if you so desire. My recent experience has taught me that if you're going to start growing out your facial hair, you must power through the unfortunate and awkward growing phase. Hopefully I'm past that now; either that or everyone is just lying to me.
3. Twill jacket. I love my North Face, but I have a soft spot for classic cotton jackets. I have had my blue Aigle jacket for six years--I thought I lost it once and freaked out. An absolute must.
4. Cardigan. Full disclosure: Jordan picked this cardigan. Not a huge fan of the floppy collar thing, but a tasteful cardigan can very seamlessly blend into your work-wear and provide some fun mid-week options.
5. Corduroy pants. I thought I found some on sale yesterday but they turned out to be full priced. I will wait for you, khaki corduroy pants.
6. Backpack. This is the kind of bag that would look really great after fifteen years of coffee shops, airplane overhead bins, and camping trips.

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