nyc + dc video

I had the realization this summer that Sam and I didn't have any videos of the two of us. We have a lot of pictures, but no videos. For me at least, capturing life in the form of movies is must more of an ordeal than snapping a photo. But there is just something about looking back at home videos that made me want to start taking that extra step to help us remember this time in our lives. I want our children to be able to see what our marriage looked like at the very beginning. I want to get into the habit of recording now, especially since we have such easy access to recording technology on our phones.

So here's our first attempt. Obviously we have learned some lessons since this summer (I somehow did not realize that vertical videos on an iphone would turn out so odd looking). Despite the shaky quality of this first video, we will definitely continue recording our lives in this way.

P.S. See our trips to DC and NYC here.

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  1. Super cute video footage y'all! Its so nice to see your smiling faces in action. And Finn danced through the whole video, so he thinks its solid too.