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After being together for four years, Sam and I have never celebrated Valentine's day. Not because we aren't romantic or we don't like going on dates (because we obviously do). It's just never worked out. Until this year. I am beyond excited for our date on Thursday. Since he plans all our dates, I thought it would be fun if we worked together to come up with some date ideas for you! These are all things that you can do in Tulsa, but they could definitely be adapted if you live elsewhere.

super-romantic date
dinner. tuccis
dessert and drinks. cosmo's

Put a little Marvin Gaye into your Valentines Day by treating your Bette Davis to a decadent and fancy evening. Grab your best slacks and your nicest tie and muster every ounce of middle school Catillion manners lessons you can remember. She won't take it for granted. I promise. 
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budget-friendly date
dinner. andolini's
dessert. s'mores over candlelight 
activity. fort

My awesome co-worker Meghan gave me the idea for this theme. Everyone wants to do something special for their loved one on Valentine's day but it comes at an un-opportune time for us. Right after the holidays and most of us don't want to leave the house because it's so cold. Andolini's is a super charming pizza place on Cherry Street in Tulsa. I recommend splitting the S.P.Q.R. After enjoying your pizza and maybe some of the amazing garlic knots, take your date back to your place. 
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Bringing your lady home to a beautifully crafted fort will surely make her smile. You could read your favorite books out loud, watch a super cheesy romantic movie, or just roast marshmallows over candlelight. Whatever you do, a fort date is one she will remember!
If you happen to leave the TV in view and have Netflix up and running, check out Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 16 (Galentine's Day) or 30 Rock Season 3, Episode 11 (St. Valentine's Day) for a few V-Day laughs.
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So what will we be doing this Valentine's Day? Check back in a few days and find out! 

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