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Sam's birthday was this Saturday. We didn't get the chance to go on a traditional date, but we did have a lot of fun celebrating 23! Far too many restaurants were visited to talk about each one, so I picked out a couple notable excursions.

Thursday night my parents and I gave Sam his birthday present. I think it's safe to say he was pretty excited. 
First two albums I own -- The Smiths' "The Queen is Dead" and The Decemberists' "Picaresque." Perfect choices, In-Laws! 

dinner. smoke.
activity. the aquarium and philbrook museum

On Saturday, Sam's parents came into town to celebrate his day with us! We had a ton of fun going to the Oklahoma Aquarium. 

I concluded that fish are weird. 
Sam had been wanting to visit this place for four years and we finally made it! It's completely worth the trip. I learned so much about aquatic beings and the shark tunnel was amazing.
We don't have a picture, but google "african mudskipper" if you want to see my favorite. It looks like a grumpy man. 

After lunch we ventured to Philbrook Museum of Art in Midtown Tulsa. It was once known as Villa Philbrook, the home of oil maven Waite Phillips and his family. Now it houses amazing art from all around the world. Every second Saturday of the month the museum has free admission. 

When it's not an frigid and rainy day, the grounds of Philbrook are what draws most attention. On this day, however, I was more than content to peer out from a warm room.

As we walked around the museum, Sam's mom had everyone taking stock of what art we would like to take home, if given the option. I probably took the game too seriously.
You can't tell but I'm translating the latin on the frame. Old habits die hard; thanks, Mr. Bogan. Hopefully you will continue to read the rest of the post despite my very nerdy confession. I promise 1/2 of the people writing this blog are really cool. 


Matching sock buns.


The verdict? Sam wanted that giant modern art painting. 
The texture is amazing and the colors just kind of smack you in the face. 


And I will gladly take this captivating portrait of Greta Garbo by George Hurrell when the museum is done with it. I still can't take my eyes off of the photo. Now, off to watch Ninotchka, where I will fall more in love with this actress.

It was a great birthday weekend, thanks to all our friends and family! Thanks so much to the Moyers' and the Graves's for helping to make my birthday special! 

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