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This weekend was quite a treat. TWO dates in less than 24 hours. We spent Friday night with some of our dear friends, Paige and Chris. They have been friends for years but only recently started dating. It was a lot of fun getting to see them in this new phase of their relationship. 
dinner. mi cocina
activity. the max retropub

I forgot to charge my camera so Friday's pictures are sub par.

The boys took us out to delicious Mexican food. 
Chris and I finished somewhere between 8 and 10 trays of chips before the real meal arrived.
Tacos mi tierra. Spicy but amazing.
If you look closely you can see Paige's tiny plate of food. Oh, The risk you run when you order off the menu.


I am generally skeptical of bars, especially for our dates (not usually our scene), but this place came highly recommended. If you're interested in NBA Hang Time, Pacman, or Skee Ball (or drinks named after 80's celebs) gives this place a try. 

In all honesty, Paige and Chris won the skee ball tournament with a final W-L-T record of 2-1-2. 


I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of photos from Friday, so the wonderful husband suggested we do a take two. A Saturday morning date? Great idea!!

coffee. the phoenix
activity. centennial park and made

The pearl district is just minutes from our home. Full of beautifully curated new shops and our new favorite coffee shop with downtown as its backdrop, the pearl district is a must visit. 


Hopefully you've stayed awake throughout this twice as long post...

This place is incredible. Besides making me crush on pink velvet furniture, it is entirely BOOK themed.  Coffee and books are the greatest things in the world. 

Tulsa is sleepy on Saturdays so standing in the middle of the road is safe.
And yes, same cardigan as the night before. When it works, it works.

Made is the coolest store. It's called an indie emporium and it sells treasures made by local artists. I just had to go into their new location across the street from the phoenix. 

And we walked away with this beauty. I cannot wait to hang it above our new desk! 
Jordan let me pick between two prints. This one has a rabbit and reminded me of the graphic on my first skateboard. Had to go with it. 

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