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We go on a date every week. It's almost sacrilege not to. We've been dating around Tulsa for four years, and we think we've got a pretty good handle on what the city has to offer. 
That's Tulsa. Pretty, right?

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We began our date tonight at delicious Cafe Samana on Brookside. It's supposed to be a vegetarian place but Sam generally seems to find meat there to eat. At dinner he told me to be sure to take pictures of our meals.
That's my falafel. Yum.There's Sam's BLT + Red Pepper Tomato soup.
Sam here. Friends, it is important that when you try a trendy vegetarian place, confirm the restaurant will serve you bacon anyway.

After dinner we went to Mod's, this amazing coffee and crepes place in downtown Tulsa. We took pictures of what we were wearing. I've been training Sam in fashion for a few years now and I think he's doing pretty well for himself.  
I've come a long way, friends. Four years ago, you would never find me "rolling back pant cuffs" or "wearing polka dotted socks." LONG way from where we started. 

Oxblood pants. Go get yourself a pair. Right now.


We got home and Sam revealed we needed to start a blog. 
Sam + Jordan On A Date. Est. 2013. 
So, if you want to see more of our date fun, or more of Sam's socks, or more of Jordan's pretty face, read on.

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