shakespeare on the lawn

Summer is definitely a time to be outside. The past few summers in Oklahoma have been so unbearably hot that we couldn't spend any amount of time outside without the risk of melting. But this summer, oh it has been amazing. It has rained a lot more than normal and it's only reached 100 degrees a few times.

So of course we have gone on picnics. Picnics are one of my very favorite things. For our wedding we were gifted with that beautiful picnic basket that we have taken with us on some very memorable dates.

dinner. picnic from whole foods
activity. shakespeare on the lawn of the philbrook museum

A perennial Tulsa favorite is Philbrook's Shakespeare on the Lawn. Once a summer the lawn plays host to one of the Bard's comedies. This year it was A Midsummer Night's Dream. Because of recent devastating tornados in and around Tulsa, the show was held inside, but we still made use of the lawn beforehand. We love that Tulsa gives us the chance to experience high level theater on a reasonable budget. And we didn't have to wait all day like in some other cities (ahem, NYC). 
One of my favorite places in the world is Whole Foods. I used to hate grocery shopping until Sam suggested we try out the fresh produce at Whole Foods. Now we shop there for pretty much everything. It's such a fun environment, being somewhere where the employees know a lot about the food and love their jobs. For this date, Sam took me to Whole Foods and said we were picking out food for a picnic. We had so much fun choosing our dinners!
Jordan even got me to try out tofu crab cakes, which are less disgusting than you might think. Actually they were upsettingly tasty. Berries are the way to Jordan's heart. 
The show was fantastic, and we even ran into some friends from church who had the inside knowledge on the Tulsa theater scene (thanks, Chris and Elizabeth!) 

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