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We spent the last week and a half on a wonderful vacation to New York and Washington DC. We are excited to share our adventures in each of those wonderful places soon. But today, I wanted to share something a little different. 
After hours of frustration (especially in  NY), I began wishing that every guidebook contained a map of the city with the names of all the neighborhoods. As a visitor to the city on the first day, I knew where my hotel was and that I was on an island, but other than that I was pretty much helpless. Every blog I had used for restaurant recommendations used words like East Village, SoHo, and Upper West Side to tell me where the place could be found. The only problem was, I had no idea where those places were. 
I began thinking that people new to Tulsa might be feeling the same way when I tell them about a place on Brookside. So, I made a map. Well I just edited an already useful map (I'm not a cartographer). Here are all the places that we have mentioned going on our dates. We live in Midtown and spend most of our time there. That is also where most of our favorite locally owned restaurants are. Obviously this is not a complete map of every neighborhood in Tulsa, but it's a good place to start if you read about something on Cherry Street but don't know where that is located. I also put the University of Tulsa on the map because that's where Sam and I went to school and we love it there. 

I hope this map helps if you ever visit our beautiful city! 

PS: A date downtown and another on Cherry Street

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