our baby

We found out on November 4th that we will be having our first child in July. I wanted to keep a bit of a record of this time so that in haze of parenthood, I can remember what it was like the first time I was pregnant. It's a strange feeling, knowing that your life is changing forever in just a few short months. Much different than being engaged and waiting for your impending wedding. When I was waiting to be married, I didn't feel like my future was completely unknown. I knew Sam, I loved him, we'd been together for a long time. But waiting for a baby is much different. No matter how many parents I talk to, I have no idea what it is going to be like. I don't know what it will feel like to hold our baby for the first time. I don't know how we will be as parents. I don't know who our child will become. Before we got pregnant, I worried that I hadn't been relying upon God enough. Now I see that his plan for my pregnancy was to stir emotions inside my soul that would bring my affections back to him. Daily.

That was our baby at just 7 weeks, when he/she looked mostly like a blob. Here's rundown of how this time has been so far.

5 weeks: Took an at-home pregnancy test and jumped (and cried) for joy! I felt fine but insanely tired. Took three naps in one day over the weekend this week.

6 weeks: Started to feel sick for the first time. I was so sick that I could barely eat for most of this week. Sam started to worry that our baby wasn't getting enough food.

7 weeks: Finally went to the doctor after what felt like forever. Our doctor gave us the picture above and told us that everything looked great! She also said that the baby was getting enough food. We now felt good about telling family and some close friends about our new addition.

8 weeks: Thanksgiving break and I got some medicine that helped with the morning sickness (which actually happened all day every day, not just in the morning). Still feeling really sick but we told my extended family at Thanksgiving this week!

9-10 weeks: It's pretty rough trying to teach 7th graders every day when you feel like you could be sick at any moment. I sat down a lot, and worried that my students wouldn't learn as well because I couldn't be the best teacher.

11 weeks: Another doctor's appointment and another great report! It took our doctor a long time to find the baby this time, he/she was hanging out by my pelvic bones, much lower than I thought. We also got the first refill of my nausea medicine this week. That stuff is gold.

12 weeks: Sickness eased up a bit, but I can't be certain if it's because I was closer to the second trimester or because we spent the week of Christmas relaxing in Austin. We told Sam's extended family at Christmas this week and the reactions were wonderful. This baby is so loved already. This is also the week that I bought some maternity clothes (thanks to Sam's parents). Life is much more comfortable now.

13 weeks: We decided to jump the gun a bit and tell the world that we were pregnant on New Year's Day. It was sooner than we had planned, but so fun being with Sam as we watched friends from all over send their congratulations.

14 weeks: We got to go to the doctor again this week and see our baby. He/she was much easier to find and was moving around like crazy (although I can't feel a thing!). Everything feels much more real at the doctor's office when you can see your little one.

15 weeks: Somehow I am still getting sick on a semi-regular basis. It is so much better than it was in the first trimester, but continues to be an issue. The most exciting thing about this week is that the baby bump is starting to show. It still looks a bit like I just ate too much, but we're getting there.

This is the baby at our most recent (14 week) appointment. I love this picture because it shows off our baby's belly. Which I think is extremely cute.

Being parents has already been a strange experience, with many excitements and frustrations and our baby isn't even out of the womb yet. Our child is so loved and we know that with God at the helm, our broken selves will somehow become suitable parents of this eternal soul.


  1. yay! so happy for you guys! Congrats!!!

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations! I love reading week-by-week analysis of symptoms & how pregnancy is. :]

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